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Embracing a compassionate and dynamic community through strong Gospel values, quality education and promoting respect for all


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pdf 2016 Annual Report Primary Our lady's

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2016 Annual Report Primary Our lady's .pdf

pdf Allergy Awareness

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Allergy Awareness.pdf

pdf Anaphylactic Shock Management

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Anaphylactic Shock Management.pdf

pdf Annual Plan SIF 2016 Popular

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Annual Plan SIF 2016 .pdf

pdf Asthma Management

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Asthma Management.pdf

pdf Bullying Prevention & Intervention

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Bullying Prevention & Intervention.pdf

pdf CECV Commitment Statement A4

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pdf Child Protection Grooming Policy 2016

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Child Protection-Grooming Policy 2016.pdf

pdf Discrimination

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Discrimination .pdf

document Enrolment Policy Popular

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Enrolement .doc

pdf Failure to disclose Policy 2016

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Failure to disclose Policy 2016 .pdf

pdf Failure to protect Policy 2016 copy

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Failure to protect Policy 2016 copy.pdf

pdf Family Resource- A closer walk with God Popular

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Families Resource 'Closer Walk with God' - A4 - 10-7-15 copy.pdf

pdf Information Book 2016

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Information Book final 2016.pdf

pdf Mandatory Reporting Policy 2016

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Mandatory Reporting Policy 2016 .pdf

pdf Medication Administration

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Medication Administration.pdf

document Privacy Policy Sepetember 2015 Popular

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privacy web site.docx

document School Board Constitution Popular

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School Board Constitution.doc

pdf School Fees Policy Popular

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school fees.pdf

pdf School Improvemt Plan 2014 2017 pages

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School Improvemt Plan 2014-2017.pages.pdf